3.3. Account maintenance

Every school is responsible for the accounts that are associated with it, no matter whether students and staff are still at school or have already left. If the account is still in your school, your school is still looking after it.

At the end of a school year or the beginning of a new one, account maintenance is important. Here are a few tips and guidelines that we’d like you to observe.

  1. Schools are responsible for the users in their institutions, no matter whether these are current, former or future students or members of staff. If you leave users in your institution although they have left your school, the site administrator team will get in touch with you, if there is a question for their account.
  2. If you plan on removing a user from your institution, please change their email address in their account settings page in the administration or ask them to do so under Content → Profile → Contact information. If the email address is not changed, they will not be able to recover their password if they forget it.
  3. Please do not delete accounts at the end of the year or whenever someone leaves your school without checking with the user first. Only remove them from your institution. That will allow them to continue working on their portfolio if they so wish. When you remove a user from your institution (on their accounts settings page in the administration by clicking the button “Remove user from this institution”), you only disassociate them from your school.
    • If you delete an account but the user wanted to continue using their portfolio, there is a cost associated with getting the content back because we will need to retrieve it from a backup server. Let us know as soon as possible as data is not kept indefinitely.
    • Please read on-screen instructions carefully. Accidental deletions of user accounts cannot happen as there is a confirmation screen before you delete an account completely.
  4. If you did remove an account before the email address was changed, let the user know so they can still log in before their school email address is deactivated to change their email address themselves.
  5. If your school is connected through single sign-on to MyPortfolio or MNet, users will be sent their internal MyPortfolio username and password when you remove them from your institution.

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