3.1. Administrator responsibilities

MyPortfolio is provided for free to New Zealand schools through support from Catalyst. To provide the service for free and without advertisement, Catalyst asks that schools are involved in the administration of students and teachers on the site to facilitate in particular:

  • Creating or approving accounts, ensuring that only the school’s students and teachers have accounts

  • Dealing with misbehaviour

  • Removing accounts students or teachers leave the school.


    When students or teachers leave a school, their accounts do not have to be deleted. They can be removed from the school’s institution on MyPortfolio but kept alive on MyPortfolio. That allows the account holder to join another school on the site and continue with their work there.

Each school should have at least one administrator on MyPortfolio. More than one person can have administrative privileges, but the number of administrators should be kept small enough so that consistency is given.

As administrator for your school on MyPortfolio, you are expected to:

  • Be the primary contact person for MyPortfolio at your school.
  • Have a valid email address for your administrator account to receive notifications from your school’s account holders as well as for the site administrator team to be able to get in touch with you.
  • Respond to queries from the site administration team when you are contacted to deal with queries relating to your school’s students and teachers with accounts on the site.
  • Deal with complaints, esp. objectionable content, in regard to portfolios by your school’s students and staff. It is up to you what actions you take, but you will need to make a decision about the complaint.
  • Do the account management for your school, including
    • Approving or denying registrations from people wanting to register for your school if you allow registrations.
    • Creating accounts for your students and teachers if you don’t want them to register individually.
    • Transferring accounts from students and teachers who already have accounts on MyPortfolio so they can continue expanding on their existing portfolio work.
  • Decide on the settings for your school, esp. on the institution settings.


If you have questions for any of your tasks, please use the discussion forums in the MyPortfolio Discussions group to share them as others will benefit from the answers, or contact the site support team.