2. Getting support

2.1. Is there a user manual for MyPortfolio?

MyPortfolio is based on Mahara. An extensive user manual describes the functionalities available and can be your reference manual.

In the user manual, you can:

  • Use the “Quick search” on the left-hand side to find content easily.
  • Browse through the table of contents. The topics are aligned according to the menu options.
  • Refer to the index and browse to individual topics.

2.2. Can I ask other users of MyPortfolio for help?

On MyPortfolio, two community-driven groups allow you to ask questions of other users - teachers, students and administrators - to gain more knowledge on working with ePortfolios as well as MyPortfolio in particular:

  • MyPortfolio Discussions is open to everyone on MyPortfolio to ask questions, reply to questions when you know the answer, share your usage of MyPortfolio.
  • MyPortfolio Administrators is open to people who administer their school / organization on MyPortfolio. If you wish to join, please click the “Request membership” button and let us know why you want to join.

2.3. Is there a human person I can contact?

Please read through the troubleshooting questions as many problems can be answered easily when you followed the steps outlined.

The administrators for a school on MyPortfolio are the first port of call for any direct queries. You can find out who they are when you go to your profile page (click on your name on the dashboard). You then see that you are a member of a school. Click the name of the school and you will be taken to a page where all administrators and staff for that school are listed.

If you have a question that is not answered in the troubleshooting section and your school administrator for MyPortfolio cannot help you, you can contact the site support team.

MyPortfolio support by the site support team is provided Monday through Friday (excluding public and Wellington holidays) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. New Zealand time as quickly as possible.

2.4. How do I report a problem?

In order to assist you with the issue, it is important that we get as much information as possible in how you arrived at the problem. Please include as much as possible from the following:

  1. Steps that you took to get to the problem, e.g. “I clicked the edit button for my page ‘Learning portfolio’. On the next screen, I could not drag any of the blocks onto my page.”
  2. The browser and version of it. Usually, you can find that information when you click the “Help” icon in your browser’s menu bar and then “About”.
  3. The name and version of your operating system, e.g. Windows 8.1, Mac OS 10.10, Ubuntu 14.10.
  4. If your problem is best / easiest illustrated by a screenshot, please include that. You can also draw on it and point out the issue. If you are sending a screenshot, please send your issue report to support@myportfolio.school.nz as the online form does not allow you to upload a file.