4. Troubleshooting MyPortfolio

4.1. I forgot my password. How can I get into MyPortfolio?

Usually, you can click the ‘Lost username/password’ link on the homepage of MyPortfolio. Enter your username, or if you do not know that, your email address, and you will receive an email with further instructions.

If you normally log in to MyPortfolio through your learning management system (LMS), log in there and find the course that contains the link or assignment to MyPortfolio.

If your school has single sign-on (SSO), and you forgot your login information, please contact your school’s IT team so they can reset your password.

If you still cannot get in, get in touch with the MyPortfolio support team if you do not know who your school’s administrator is on MyPortfolio.

4.2. My page or collection is not accessible to others

Check that you have set the access permissions for the page or collection that you want to share correctly. You can share your page or collection with people who have an account on MyPortfolio, but also share it with parents and others who do not have an account or make it available publicly, i.e. share it with the entire world.

When you want to share your work with others, any images, video, audio, journal entries, or other text needs to be on a page. You can only share pages or collections, which are bundles of pages.

Go to Main menu → Share → Shared by me and click the Edit access icon next to the page or collection that you want to share. Make sure that the person you want to share your portfolio with is listed on the right under Shared with.

Share your work with others

Share your work with others

  1. Collections: This tab shows all the collections you have in your account.

  2. Pages: This tab shows all your pages.

  3. Page title: Find the page (or collection when on the Collections tab) that you want to share. They are listed in alphabetical order.

  4. Access list: See with whom you have shared your pages or collections. If there is no name or group of people listed, only you have access to that page or collection.


    Per default, none of your work is accessible to anybody. You decide with whom and when you are ready to share your work.

  5. Edit access: Click the Edit access icon to share your page or collection with people who have an account on the site. You can also share it publicly so that search engines can find your work.

    See also

    See the Mahara manual for more information on how to give someone access to your portfolio.

  6. Secret URLs: Click the Secret URL icon if you do not want to share your page or collection publicly but want to share it with somebody who does not have an account on the site. Once you emailed the link to the person who shall take a look at your work, they can access it.


    This is a great option to share your work with parents and whānau because they will not be able to get an account on the site, but at the same time you do not need to make your work entirely public for the rest of the world to see as long as the link is not shared publicly.

    See also

    See the Mahara manual on how to set up a secret URL.

4.3. There is an error message

Does the error message contain information about the issue or how to fix it? If so, please fix the problem.

If it is a generic error message such as “You encountered a bug in the system”:

  1. Log out of MyPortfolio.
  2. Log back in to MyPortfolio.
  3. Try to follow the steps again and see if the error message comes up again.
    • If it doesn’t, continue with your work.
    • If it does, contact the MyPortfolio support team with details about the steps you took to get to the error. We will analyse the problem.

4.4. The video I uploaded is not displayed in the ‘Internal media’ block

The following video formats can be embedded within MyPortfolio. Some may require that your computer can display them:

  • M4A (typically generated on an iOS device)
  • MP4 (encoded in H.264)
  • MPEG movie
  • OGV
  • QuickTime
  • WEBM

In addition, MP3 and OGG files can be used in the ‘Internal media’ block as well and played directly in MyPortfolio.

4.5. How do I change the design of a page?

If your institution allows, you can create a skin and apply that on top of the current theme overwriting its styles.


You may need to ask your institution administrator to allow skins for your school if you do not see the Skins menu item under Main menu → Create.

4.6. Who is administrator on MyPortfolio for my school?

Administrators as well as an institution’s staff are listed on a special page so you can contact them easily.

  1. Click on your name on the dashboard page. You’ll be taken to your profile page.


    You can get to the dashboard by clicking the logo in the top left corner. That is either the MyPortfolio logo, or if your school added its own logo, your school’s logo.

  2. On your profile page, you see Member of…. Click the link to your institution. link to institution page

  3. On the next page, you see all administrators and staff members listed for your institution.


If your school does not have an administrator, you can contact the MyPortfolio support team if you need assistance from an administrator. You can also click the Contact us link at the bottom of any page.