1. What is MyPortfolio?

My Portfolio is a nationwide ePortfolio service for schools offered by the New Zealand Ministry of Education managed and supported by Catalyst. New Zealand schools are welcome to use MyPortfolio. The key benefit of a learner driven environment being on a shared “software as a service” environment is that sector wide learner communities may flourish. MyPortfolio brings together the benefits of leading education technology and social software in a safe education focused environment.

MyPortfolio is based on the open source ePortfolio system Mahara. Meaning ‘think’ or ‘thought’ in Te Reo Māori, the name Mahara reflects the project’s dedication to creating a user-centred life-long learning and development application underpinned by considerations of pedagogy and policy.

1.1. Who can use MyPortfolio?

MyPortfolio is available to schools in New Zealand. If your school is listed on the Education counts web site, it can request to be signed up.

MyPortfolio is also open to certain support organisations in New Zealand and tertiary education departments that train future teachers or support teachers professionally. Get in touch with us if you are unsure whether you can use MyPortfolio. In some cases, the New Zealand Ministry of Education needs to be contacted to check eligibility. We will let you know if that is necessary in your case.

1.2. Does MyPortfolio need to be installed by a school?

MyPortfolio is not installed or maintained by a school’s IT team. Instead, it is a single Mahara instance available to New Zealand schools to connect to. It can be integrated with school infrastructure for authentication purposes and also transfer of content if Moodle is the learning management system.

1.3. How do I get started?

If you are not yet using MyPortfolio, check with your school if it is already registered. If you cannot find it in the list of schools that allow self-registration during sign-up, please check with someone at your school, e.g. the principal, the IT department, a learning technologies teacher, or contact us. A number of schools turned off self-registration as they allow their students and teachers to use single sign-on or another way of logging in.

If your school is not yet registered, it can be signed up. This should be done by the principal of the school or a school representative who will then also be the administrator for your school on MyPortfolio.